St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh, 09/01/2013 13:35 EDT, Score: 7 - 2

Money Line: +104 Pittsburgh

Sportsbook: SportBet

Result: Loss

5-unit Play Take #952 Pittsburgh Pirates over St. Louis Cardinals (1:35pm EST) The Pittsburgh Pirates look to make it a three-game sweep against the St. Louis Cardinals today in PNC Park. The Pirates are now in sole possession of first place in the NL Central and look to add to that lead with rookie Kris Johnson on the mound. The 28-year old southpaw has spent eight seasons in the minor leagues before being brought up by the Pirates to make his first big league appearance two weeks ago. That was a bullpen effort, but today will be the first start ever. Pitchers who are making their first start can be good bets, because they generally have the advantage against the hitters the first time or two through the order. Sure the Cardinals will have a scouting report on him based on his minor league outings, but it's a completely different experience facing someone live. Left-handers can be particularly troublesome to pick up initially and that should give Johnson even more of an edge. Not to mention the fact that St. Louis struggles against southpaws. I love the way this Pirates team plays the game with top flight defense, good fundamentals and a shutdown bullpen. If Johnson can just give them a halfway decent start, Pittsburgh has an excellent shot to win this game. They have the second best home record in the league at 45-24 and today they are underdogs. We'll gladly scoop up that price and take the Pirates as our 5-unit Game.
Best of Luck - Doc's Sports

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