10* Money Bomb

10* Money Bomb

Boston College vs. Cincinnati, 01/02/2020 15:00 EDT, Score: 6 - 38

Point Spread: -7/-110 Cincinnati

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Taking CINCY. What an absolute disgrace Bearcats here facing a 6-6 BC team. I know some teams will lack motivation for Bowl Games. I don't see that with Cincy though. Even in a lesser bowl like this. These guys can still get 11 wins on the year. That is a big number in College Football. And this BC team. Shouldn't even be bowling. - Fired their HC. Their best offensive player (RB) sitting out. On a back up QB. Their OC left. Their new HC is the DC at Ohio State and he was slightly busy the weekend before this bowl game. Cincy all day and will also be on the UNDER. 10* Money Bomb CINCINNATI BEARCATS

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